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    Take control of your privacy with BuzzOff, the smart speaker blocker from Electric Chateau.
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    She can't hear you now
    Enable privacy on your schedule with BuzzOff, the voice activated smart speaker blocker from Electric Chateau.

The only voice activated, secure "mute button" for Alexa

BuzzOff - BuzzOff stops Amazon Echo from spying on you | Product Hunt Embed

  • Command it by voice or by app from across the room
  • Protect privacy across all smart speakers in your home
  • Deactivates - and later re-activates - Alexa for you
  • No microphones! Alexa hears your command, not BuzzOff


Want privacy for 5 minutes? An hour? Until tomorrow? Just say the word.


BuzzOff uses the power adapter from your smart speaker. You don't need a second outlet.


BuzzOff's color coded safety light lets you know when it's OK to talk.


Auto power-off during set times using schedules and routines.


Turn off all your smart speakers with a single voice command.


What little data we collect is cloud-hosted in the USA.

Intimate moments require privacy

According to reports from Time, CBS News, Forbes, and many more, employees at a certain smart speaker manufacturer were routinely listening to smart speaker recordings of people having very intimate moments. The vocalizations made when two consenting adults are at their closest can trigger a smart speaker to begin recording. Workers then listen to those recorded sessions as part of their daily responsibilities to monitor the system for proper operation.

Have you ever noticed the light on your smart speaker just suddenly turning even when you didn't ask? One Reddit user even claims his smart speaker just randomly chimed in and said "Adding sex to your shopping list". Sometimes tech can be a little too helpful.

Have you ever read a credit card number out loud at home, maybe while making a payment over the phone? Are you comfortable knowing one of these contractors could be listening while you say your card number, expiration date and CVV number?

Or maybe you are on the phone with your bank and they ask for your social security number or your birthdate. Do you want a stranger hearing that? The truth is, you often have conversations that you should be hiding from your smart speaker.

Alexa hears all!

What BuzzOff owners are saying.

Calls with my clients have to be private and I don't know what's being recorded by Amazon. To guard your privacy you need BuzzOff.

We use the Echo more now that we have BuzzOff.

If a friend of mine was on the fence about buying an Echo, I would recommend they buy a BuzzOff and an Echo.

BuzzOff For Amazon Echo

BuzzOff cuts the power to Amazon Echo for the amount of time you choose, and then restores it automatically.

There are many brands and models of smart home speakers and BuzzOff is compatible with most of them. Check the device compatibility chart to make sure you're covered.

BuzzOff is protected by patent 10,573,320

Own yours today by backing our Kickstarter campaign starting on September 1, 2020. Early backers enjoy huge discounts!


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