Our Mission

Electric Chateau is a privacy focused consumer electronics company. Our mission is to enable you to take back control of your privacy without giving up the benefits of the technology you love. Technology should serve you, not the other way around.

Our products work with your existing devices to make them better, safer, and more private.

Our Vision

Our vision is smart home technology consumers in control of their own privacy.

Now Is The Right Time

Nearly 200 million smart speaker units are in consumer's hands as of early 2020, projected to reach 1 billion units within 5 years. Consumers love them. The smart speaker is here to stay. But increasingly, consumers are becoming aware of the need for greater privacy safeguards. We foresaw this need back in 2018 when we filed our first patent application for a privacy interrupt device. Back then, not a lot of people were talking about smart speaker privacy. Now, in 2020, smart speaker privacy is front page news.

Who We Are

Electric Chateau LLC is a privately held company based in Orlando, FL, founded by three life-long technology enthusiasts.

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