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When the light on BuzzOff is green, it is safe to speak in complete privacy. You can prove it for yourself by attempting to activate your smart speaker by either speaking its wake word or pressing the buttons on it. You will see it is completely unresponsive. If you want further proof, grab a voltmeter and see for yourself that the power is off.

Absolutely not. There are no microphones of any kind inside BuzzOff. The voice command interface uses your smart speaker’s existing capabilities.

No. BuzzOff uses an extremely low amount of power - so low in fact, your smart speaker won't even notice it's there. When BuzzOff cuts the power to your speaker, and later turns it back on, it's the same as when you plug and unplug it yourself. We've tested this hundreds of times and our devices are working as good as new!

Most models of Echo are BuzzOff compatible. See our compatibility chart to know for sure.

No, it cannot. Only the BuzzOff timer you set, our mobile app, or the button on the BuzzOff itself can wake your smart speaker. Note, however, that if your in Dark Mode then only the timer or button can wake it up, not the app.

When a BuzzOff “goes dark” it means BuzzOff has shut off all of its communication radios: WiFi and Bluetooth become disabled. This makes it impossible to reach via the network, adding additional assurance that nothing can turn your smart speaker back on except you.

When your BuzzOff is in Dark Mode, you cannot turn it back on via the BuzzOff app. You’ll have to wait for it to wake up or press the button on BuzzOff.

Learn more about Dark Mode in the BuzzOff user guide.

Many people have more than one smart speaker in their home. With a BuzzOff under each one they will all power down at your whim - and turn back on exactly when you want them to. You’ll never need to remember to plug them back in. And coming soon, you’ll be able to schedule when your BuzzOff devices activate privacy mode.

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