Configuration Overview

Pairing a BuzzOff to your account requires the use of the Bluetooth features built into your smart phone or tablet. This means that when you first setup your BuzzOff, or when you are resetting it (to help diagnose any technical problems should they arise) your Android phone or tablet needs to have the Bluetooth feature turned on.

Additionally, due to the way Android handles Bluetooth permissions, you will need to activate the Location Services feature on your phone. After your BuzzOff is paired, you are welcome to turn that off if you prefer.

Frankly, as a privacy company, we wish we didn't have to ask you to activate this feature but it's out of our hands.

Let's get into some screen shots to help guide you to these settings.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

To activate this feature, go to your mobile device's settings screen. There are different ways to get there for different Android devices, so to help you find it here is a link to the official Android documentation on how to access device settings.

Once you're there, you will see a switch to turn Bluetooth on or off. Here is what that looks like on a Moto phone - note that your device may differ slightly.

For a very different example, here is the settings screen for a larger Android table device. Here we see both Bluetooth and Location Services on the same panel.

Step 2: Turn on Location Services

If you're using a larger tablet device like the one shown above, you might have already enabled Location Services and you are finished. However if you're on a smaller device you will need to find the separate screen for Location Services. On a Moto phone it looks like this screen shot here.

If you cannot find the Location Services screen within your main settings screen, you might need to refer to the product-specific documentation for your mobile device.

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