Configuration Overview

Pairing a BuzzOff to your account requires the use of the Bluetooth features built into your smart phone or tablet. This means that when you first setup your BuzzOff, or when you are resetting it (to help diagnose any technical problems should they arise) your iPhone or iPad needs to have the Bluetooth feature turned on.

Let's get into some screen shots to help guide you to these settings.

Turn on Bluetooth via Settings

From your Home screen, tap on Settings. It's the gear icon like the one pictured in the section above. Once in Settings, tap on Bluetooth, highlighted by the red box in the screenshot below.

In the Bluetooth screen, make sure the button shows it's on, as pictured here also outlined in a red box. This example is what it looks like once activated.

That's all there is to it. Bluetooth should be on and functional now. You can pair your BuzzOff.

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